OKR Team Edition Webinars

by The Betterworks Team

If you are launching an OKR program with Betterworks Team Edition, please review the following recordings or attend our "office hours" for additional guidance through your program design and implementation. 

Program Design


This session will help you understand how to design an OKR program, as well as review the path to implementation using our self-service materials.

Platform Configuration


After completing the program design phase, review this session to begin configuring your Betterworks instance according to your program design decisions. This will also serve as an admin functionality training for program leads.

System Training


After configuring your program, begin planning for your company training by learning the Betterworks platform basics in this session. 



Review this webinar to learn how to report in Betterworks. 

Office Hours

You or your team can attend this open "office hour" style discussion for help with your individual questions.

Every Thursday, 11:30 AM Pacific Time Register Here