Betterworks Go: Platform Configuration

Name Your Goal & Conversation Modules

  • Location: Admin → Platform Configuration → Organization branding → Naming
  • Recommendation: N/A


  • Implications:
    • Updates the naming convention for the platform in the following areas:
      • Top navigation bar
      • Within each module
      • Email notifications

Set Your Time Zone & Language

  • Location: Admin → Platform Configuration → Operational settings → Time zone
  • Recommendation: Set this to the time zone of your HQ.
  • Implications:
    • Scheduled notifications from Conversation and Feedback templates are sent around 8am of the time zone that you set.
  • Location: Admin → Platform configuration → Operational settings → Language
  • Implications: 
    • Selecting a language other than English will also change the date format (from mm/dd/yyy to dd/mm/yyyy). 

Note: Betterworks Go only supports English + 1 additional language.

Business Calendar

  • Location: Admin → Platform configuration → Operational settings → Business calendar
  • Recommendation: Divide this quarterly.


  • Implications:
    • The default end date for new goals will be set at the end of the current quarter.
    • All date pickers will be by quarters.

Grant Support Access

  • Location: Admin → Platform Configuration → Security → Support Access
  • Recommendation: Open access.
  • Implications:
    • Allows Betterworks support to access your org for troubleshooting.


Define Your Goal Categories

  • Location: Admin → Program Management → Goals → Settings → Attributes
  • Recommendation: Enable categories.


  • Implications:
    • Allows for additional filtering for custom filters that can be created by each user.
    • Allows for additional reporting filtering for administrators.


  • You can also implement scope & type.
  • Categories default to alphabetical order, but if you'd like them arranged differently, you can add a number to the beginning of the category name (i.e. "1. Category Name"). 

Understand & Confirm Team-Owned Goals Enabled

  • Location: Your name (top-right corner of account) → Teams
  • Recommendation: Allow users to create their own cross-functional teams to own goals.
  • Implications:
    • Each user is able to create their own teams and assign goals to this team.
    • If an individual is part of a team, the goals will show in the "My Goals" filter, even if they do not directly own a key result.

Understand & Confirm Goal Assessment Configuration

  • Location: Program Management → Goals → Settings → Assessments
  • Recommendation: Enable goal scoring.


  • Implications:
    • Progress made against a goal is already tracked through regular progress updates.
    • Less asks for your employees when just starting this program.

Configure Your Quarterly Conversation

  • Location: Admin → Program Management → Conversations → Settings → New Scheduled Conversation
  • Recommendation: Follow this article and use the questions below:


  • Implications:
    • Creates an opportunity to reflect on the last quarter's goals and plan for the coming quarter.

Set Program Emails

  • Location: Admin → Program Management → Notifications → Program emails
  • Recommendation: Set to 14 days after the start of the business period. Turn all on and click "Save".


  • Implications:
    • Automated emails will be sent to all employees based on the dates set relative to the due date.

Enable System Notifications

  • Location: Admin → Program Management → Notifications → System notifications
  • Recommendation: Turn all on and click "Save". 
  • Implications:
    • All activity will trigger email notifications.
    • Users can update their notification settings within "My settings".

Note: To lear more, see the following articles:

Set Top Company Goals

  • Location: Admin → Program management → Goals → Management
  • Recommendation: Select goals (owned by individual executives) each quarter to add to the filter. Search for goals on the left-side menu, move them to the right-side menu and click "Save".
  • It will take up to an hour for goals to appear under the Top Company Goal filter


  • Implications:
    • The currently active goals identified will show in the Top Company Goals each quarter.
    • All past Top Company Goals will be available when users go to past quarters.

Note: There is no need to remove goals from past quarters.