Goal (OKR) Team Edition: Measuring Success


Now that you've launched Goal Team Edition with your organization, it's important to monitor and reinforce engagement as people are learning the program.

Schedule program lead reporting cadence 

As a program lead, you will want to monitor the success of your program at regular intervals. To help ensure you remember, try scheduling a bi-weekly reminder to review the program success metrics you set with your executive sponsor:


Email company two weeks after launch with goal ownership % by department

Two weeks after launch, send a company email updating everyone on the program adoption so far. Show the adoption summarized by department by navigating to the Usage Dashboard:


Click on the "users with objectives number" to see the breakdown:


Provide department leads with goal ownership %, engagement after first month

After your first month of platform usage, send emails to individual department leads summarizing their goal ownership and % of team with a progress update:


Provide quarterly summary of engagement at all-hands after first quarter

At quarter end, encourage your executive sponsor to communicate your organization's achievement toward your program success metrics: