Using the Slack Integration

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What does it do?

The Betterworks Slack integration allows you to privately view and update your objectives/goals from any channel you're collaborating in, allows you to give public Recognition, and also provides a Slack Bot to keep you personally updated about any cheers, nudges, @mentions, and other activity or action items you may have in the platform.

It's our objective/goal at Betterworks to make sure that you can stay focused on your most important work and quickly and seamlessly make updates in the systems you're already leveraging for your team. This Slack integration makes it easy to figure out where you're at with your objectives/goals, so you can readily provide updates to your team or track progress as your colleagues provide updates through chat or any other channel. Check it out and let us know what you think!  

How does it work?

In addition to receiving notifications from Betterworks about updates on your Objectives/Goals and Conversations, it's now possible to update your objectives/goals and provide recognition to your colleagues from Slack itself. Read on for a full description of how the /goals and /recognize commands work in Slack!

Giving Recognition

You can also use the Slack integration to give Recognition to your colleagues by entering /recognize @user <insert message> into any public Slack channel. The recognition you submit in Slack will get posted to the Betterworks Recognition wall. 

1. You must start the recognition with @slackuser

2. In order for a user to submit a recognition in slack, they must have the Betterworks slack bot

3. The person you want to give recognition to must also have the Betterworks slack setup or you will see an error

4. The channel where you post your type /recognize is where the recognition will get posted in slack 

Viewing, Updating and Commenting on Objectives/Goals

By entering /goals into any Slack channel or direct message, you can view your objectives/goals and update progress:


Click View on the objective/goal you'd like to update:


Click See More...


Use the Update button to track your progress


Submit your updated progress and include a comment to let everybody know what you're doing to achieve the objective/goal and what your next steps are


Where do I access this?

Once your Betterworks Admin has enabled the Slack integration for your company, you can activate the integration for yourself in the Notifications section of your My Settings menu. 

Since this is done on an individual basis, make sure the rest of your team is aware of how they can leverage this feature to better collaborate:

1. Navigate to My Settings > Notifications.

2. In the Slack section, click Activate.


3. When prompted in the Slack redirect page, click Authorize.


4. You will receive a message that says you've successfully activated the slack integration and you can view the rest of that message in slack:



5. Make sure you go back and check the toggle boxes for the types of updates you'd like to get specifically in Slack instead of email (or both).


1. Your Admin must also have notifications enabled for the entire organization. If you're not getting updates in Slack, check with an Admin to confirm that "System Notifications" are not disabled.

2. To configure the Slack integration from your end, visit the associated Help Center article.


My company has enabled the Betterworks Slack integration, but I'm not getting any notifications?

Make sure you have email notifications enabled. Also, check with your Betterworks Administrator that your organization’s Betterworks notifications are not disabled.

I just received a Slack notification that I was @ mentioned. Can I reply back in Slack?

By clicking on the objective/goal name, you can go directly to the objective's/goal’s detail page in Betterworks and respond to the comment there. Please note that replying directly to the Slack bot will not post a comment in Betterworks.