Configuring Goal Scoring

What are Goal Settings? 

Super Admins have some options to consider when configuring the Goal settings for your Organization. By navigating to Admin > Program Management > Objectives > Settings, you can take more control over how users assess, categorize, and see progress on their Goals. 



 Users have the ability to assess their Goals by giving a short paragraph style description to elaborate on progress made or expound upon their findings after completion. Here is what an Assessment looks like for the user: 



A Super Admin can make an Assessment more robust by adding Scoring. Only a user, their manager, and any designated editors are able to assess a Goal. You can ask that in addition to providing comments the user also provide a numeric, emoticon, or color based score for the Goal. See Assessing your Objectives/Goals for more detail on what these different scoring types look like for a user. 



To report on Goal Assessments, use an All Goals Report (accessible to every Super Admin, Admin, and HR Admin) and view columns AA, AB, and AC.

As a quick reminder: 

All Admins can edit public goals in the system. If there are outdated, obsolete, or otherwise unnecessary goals, an Admin can edit or remove them.

Additionally, Super Admins can view, edit, or delete private goals in the system.

To learn more about the differences between Admins and Super Admins, please read the  article Understanding betterworks Admin abilities. If your Super Admin would like to add more Admins, HR Admins, or Super Admins, please read the article Manage Administrators.