OKR CSV Upload

 What you will need:

  • A Professional Service Package, as this must be done by betterworks in our backend. 
  • Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • CSV templates download at the bottom of this article.

A betterworks Professional Services team member can upload existing OKRs that you have created in Excel or other programs.

These are the file requirements:
1. A comma separated file.
2. name column - this is the short description of the Objective or Key Result and appears in the platform.
Betterworks - Objectives 2019-11-06 10-17-22.png
3. type field indicates if the name value is an objective or key result. The terms 'goal' or 'milestone' must be used for import purposes.
4. progress column must remain, and can be between zero and 100. It is always a percentage value for import purposes, but can be edited to a different measure in the platform after import if needed for each OKR. Probably easiest to leave as zeroes for now, and let users update their progress later.
5. start_date is typically the start of the quarter, but can be any date if an OKR started on a different date.
6. end_date is typically the end of the quarter, but OKRs can end early.
7. owner_email is the email address of the person who owns the objective or key results. These email addresses need to exist in the platform as users prior to import. Owners can be reassigned after import if needed. Only an individual can own a goal and milestone. If they are to be owned by teams or departments this needs to be updated manually after the import
8. categories are a way of tagging an Objective as say 'aspirational' or 'committed' or 'business' or 'personal'. You can configure categories yourselves under Admin\Platform configuration\Objective settings\Categories tab. See https://support.betterworks.com/hc/en-us/articles/206070766-Creating-and-Managing-Goal-Categories- These can be added later if needed, or will need to exist prior to import if you want to include them. Only the row type 'goal' can have a category assigned. Semi colons are a separator for multiple categories.
9. description is for the long description of an objective, which is displayed when people drill into an objective.
Betterworks - Objectives 2019-11-06 10-29-59.png
Only the type 'goal' can have a description value. A description can contain commas and line breaks as well as html links.
Note: you will create a single file that contains all your OKRs listed in a way that the objective row has the key result rows directly beneath it before the next objective row. It is the order of the rows that is used to group the key results under the objective above.
This import process can not be undone, so one would typically load a sample of your data into your Preview Environment first so you can review it and confirm it looks correct.
Your Preview Environment is like a test environment for configuration settings and creating goals for demo purposes that you don't want in Production. See our article on the Preview Environment, here

There are a couple of points that we like to make users aware of:  

1) One cannot import a nested Objective. In other words, you can only import an Objective and its Key Results, you cannot include any sub-Objectives. 

2) You cannot remove the OKRs in bulk, if change your mind.

3) Hopefully, your existing OKRs in Google Sheets or Excel can be adapted to the above file layout for import. Consider if this may save some data entry time for the team, or whether the amount of data manipulation required is not really worth it, and they should copy/paste manually into the platform.