Launching Enhanced Slack Integration


Enhanced Slack Integration

We've made some major updates to our existing Slack integration which allow team members to better complete their Betterworks activities from their Slack application and make performance a more important part of their daily workflow and employee experience. Our integration now supports the following activities in Slack: 

  • Team members can now /recognize one another for the great work that’s being done without having to navigate to another platform - this is a great way to increase engagement and to ensure employee’s contributions are celebrated
  • Viewing, updating, and commenting on Betterworks /goals is now easier than ever in Slack. By making it easier to focus on goals and track progress, we hope to increase overall program engagement and integration with your company culture.

For more detail on how everything works, you can review our product documentation here.


Launching to your Organization

If you have not enabled the integration previously, check out our configuration documentation here.

If you've already got an existing slack integration, then enabling this updated version requires clicking Edit then the “reinstall” link in the Slack Settings on the Integrations page - this will prompt you with an “Install” button which you can click to complete the process:


Once the integration has been installed/reinstalled, all end users will need to authorize for their individual accounts in the Notifications section of their My Settings page. To help manage this change, we have an in-app guide that we can enable for all users which will walk them through the process - please reach out to your CSM or to have this enabled.

We have the following communication templates available in Box which you can download, edit, and send to your teams:

  • Introduction Email: Let your whole team know what they can expect from the improved integration
  • Reminder Email: Remind team members to set up their integration so they can update their goals and give/receive recognition 
  • Slack Messages: Messages including emojis that you can paste directly into Slack and send to your team!
Note: Users who have not authorized their integrations will not be able to receive recognition from other team members in Slack.