Cloning Objectives & Key Results

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Why clone?

Do you have objectives that are similar to some of your teammates? Do you have similar objectives every quarter? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may not want to create new objectives. Save some time by cloning!

Cloning a Key Result

1. Go to My Objectives

2. Click the objective to open the key results

3. Hover over the key result and click "..." to bring up the "Additional Actions" menu

4. Click Clone.


5. The new key result will appear below the original one.


Cloning An Objective

1. Go to My Objectives

2. Hover over the objective and click "..." to bring up the "Additional Actions" menu

3. Click Clone.


4. The "Bulk Edit" window will open and you will see the entire hierarchy of any aligned (nested) objectives and all key results.

5. Edit anything you would like to change (i.e. due dates)


6. Submit and save your objective.

Note: Objectives can only be cloned up to (3) layers down.