Launching Homepage & Activity Stream


Homepage & Activity Stream

Our new "Home" view is a great way for team members to understand what has been happening lately and what actions they're expected to take next. Any user can quickly understand what's being worked on by their peers and on the teams their a part of. Managers and leaders can use it as a way to engage with and recognize their employees, further increasing the motivation and inspiration driven by your programs.

The new “Home” view (a new item on the top navigation bar) presents a set of cards which either guide the user to their next action or help them explore what’s been going on recently in the platform - clicking on one of the cards will present an Activity Stream based on the user’s manager/peers, their department, any teams they belong to, etc. Taking inspiration from social media interfaces, this feature creates a new way for your team to experience and engage with their Goals/OKR program:


Our goal for this new feature is to provide a more accessible and seamless way for users to understand the Betterworks platform and increase the discoverability and insights gained from viewing transparent goals, progress, and social interactions across your organization. The Activity Stream provides an opportunity for users to engage with updates and comments from their colleagues which will generate greater excitement and momentum around your Betterworks program.


Launching to your Organization

To activate this feature, simply navigate to the Home Settings view of the Program Management section in the Admin panel and switch the toggle to "On" as shown below:




Once the feature has been activated, feel free to leverage our Announcement Email communications template to let your team know that this new page is available.

To ensure users feel enabled to use the feature as soon as possible, we’ve included an in-app announcement to contextualize the new features and communicate how they enhance a user’s experience:


 Feel free to check out additional documentation on this feature here and let us know if you have any further questions!