Welcome to your homepage! To enable, you must be an Admin or Super Admin. Simply navigate to Admin > Program Management > Home > and toggle it on!

Note: If you ever choose to toggle the homepage off, you can do so without any data being lost. 

Once enabled, you will see a "Home" tab, at the very top of your page. Click it to access important Betterworks information, all in one place. Now, it's easy to find out what I need to do and to know what happened since last time?

OKR Activity Stream

You'll see some familiar labels like "My Peers" and My Direct Reports." Now, managers can have a unified view of all the goal-related updates their teams have made recently, in the form of an activity stream. Individual contributors can see what their peers are up to, all in one feed. 


Here are the kinds of events that you can expect to see in your My Peers or My Direct Report's Activity stream:

Progress updates on Key Results and Objectives (Goals)


The percentage in parenthesis indicates the progress made, and the row at the bottom shows a total count of nudges, cheers, and comments. You can click each to expand and see who gave the cheer or nudge or read the comments.

Cheers and Nudges


No Updates Recently

If a direct report has not made progress on an Objective recently, you may be prompted to nudge the Objective.


A New Comment


A new comment will appear on your feed with the latest comment visible. To expand to a view of all the comments, click the grey "comments" icon. 


The Completion of a Key Result or Objective


All Activity Streams

You can view other streaming activity feeds, by clicking on their card on your Homepage. You can view the latest activity on your Departmental Objectives, Top Company Objectives, Objectives you follow, Team Objectives, and all the Objectives being updated company-wide. 


Create or Update an Objective

You can create an Objective if you have no current Objectives. By clicking "Create" you will be re-directed to the Objective creation page. Otherwise, you would see the option to update your progress on an existing active Objective.