Why is my Feedback template locked?

We think about each cycle of a Feedback template as a snapshot view of someone’s performance as seen by their colleagues. This input is not only helpful during that cycle, but also the next cycles of the same questions so that you can see progression and patterns. Thus, it is important for these questions to stay the same. We have introduced locking once the feedback cycle has begun to reinforce this best practice of maintaining the same questions over time, and to allow for our Feedback Summary page to aggregate the data within a cycle.


Q: When exactly do template permissions and questions lock?

A: These elements will lock once the template’s first cycle’s start date occurs (beginning of selection phase).


Q: What do I do if I need to make changes to view permissions or questions after they have locked?

A: You’ll need to create a new template. To streamline this process, we’ve introduced the ability to clone templates, which you may now leverage to easily create a new template with the same questions and settings as your existing template - but with the ability to tweak them as you see fit. The below screenshot points to the location from which you can clone a template.