Using the Outlook Integration — Users


Note: For an updated experience, see our article Using the Outlook Integration (v2) — Users. If you've already enabled this version of the add-in, you'll want to disable it in preparation for the new one. 

The Betterworks Outlook integration allows you to interact with your own or another team members’ Objectives directly from you email inbox. You can find it by opening the right side-panel and clicking on the Betterworks icon.

If in the desktop app, you should see two buttons with the Betterworks logo on the right of your top toolbar. If in the web app, click into any email and you should see Betterworks logo at the top-right of the email. 

You'll need to login, so click "Log In" to enable your credentials. You should now see Objectives populated for either yourself or your teammate, based on what email you are currently viewing. 

If you do not see the icon this means that either you do not have access to the integration, or you may have to enable it yourself.

NoteWindows users will need a minimum of Windows 10 version 1903 and Office 365 client version 16.0.11629 in order to successfully use the Betterworks add-in with Outlook for desktop. This is because the Betterworks add-in triggers a pop-up during the login process which will always launch in a Microsoft browser (even if you have another browser such as Google Chrome set as the default). This behavior is not determined by the Betterworks add-in, but by the Outlook application itself. Internet Explorer is being sunset by Microsoft and is therefore not compatible with our add-in. Upgrading to the versions referenced above will force the pop-up to trigger in Microsoft Edge (which is compatible with our add-in). However, upgrades should be managed by your IT Team, not by individual users.

How to enable/disable as an end user

  1. Navigate to Manage Add-ins:
    • If in the desktop app, log in to Outlook and select FileManage Add-ins or Manage Apps.
    • If in the web app, click the settings icon on the top right and click Manage Add-ins.
  2. Under My Add-ins make updates to the Betterworks for Email Add-in.

 How do I use it?

  1. Hover your mouse pointer over an objective to reveal its Comment and Check In options.
  2. Update your Objective progress by clicking Update.


To see objectives of your colleagues, open an email from them in your Outlook window and select Teammate's Objectives. You can hover over their objectives and CheerNudgeComment in addition to other actions.