Using An SFTP Server

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What's going on?

If it's your first time connecting to an SFTP server, you may find this guide helpful. By scheduling a job that extracts employee data from your existing HRIS system (Bamboo HR, ADP, Workday, etc) and saves it to our SFTP server, you can automate your user management. Managerial changes, Departments, and other user data can be updated in one place, then the update will automatically feed into Betterworks. 

Basic Connection

To establish a connection to the server, follow these steps. 

1. Download FileZilla or a similar program.

2. Enter the address of the server in the field Host, located in the Quickconnect bar. The host for Betterworks is

3. Enter your username and password provided by Customer Support. 

4. The port is 22.

5. Click on Quickconnect or press Enter to connect to the server. Click OK if you get a warning about an unknown host key.

How do I leverage the SFTP server to manage my users? 


This would be commonly referred to as an HRIS integration. One would work with their HRIS vendor to automate a CSV export to our SFTP server, using specific headers. Here are a few common vendors and their respective setup flows. 

Contact your Workday Customer Support Team for help. 

Contact your Oracle Customer Support Team. The level of assistance you get is dependent upon your Oracle Support package.

UltimateSoftware (Ultipro):
Navigate to your Customer Success Portal, select Project Center, and open a Service Request for technical consulting in Web Services.

This document can help get you started, but you will also need to contact your SuccessFactors Support Team. 

Contact your ADP Integrations Specialist Team to inquire about automation. Depending on your Product Offering, ADP typically charges $1/user per month for automated services. If this price point seems high, you can always pull a report out of ADP manually, reformat into the CSV template below and upload it in the Admin panel. 


See our associated Help Center article.


See our associated Help Center article.


If automation proves too costly or complex, you can always leverage the SFTP server manually. Using whichever vendor you have, you can export your user data, manually put into an Excel template (attached below), and upload onto the SFTP server using FileZilla or a similar program. This would be user ad-hoc and you have to create the Excel file yourself, but it can save you both money and developer resources. 


1. How often should I export?

An HRIS data extract is required daily as a best practice.

2. What do I name the file?

The HRIS data extract file must have a unique name each day, we recommend a date timestamp to ensure uniqueness

3. File, what file?

The HRIS data extract file needs to be placed in the 'incoming' folder of the target destination in order to be automatically picked up for processing.