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When logging into Betterworks as a new user, you can get started by taking the tour!

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Conversations and Reviews — Quickly see your in-progress conversations, and reference past conversations at any time.

Continuous feedback Top companies believe in frequent feedback. Click Feedback to learn how Betterworks makes it easy.

Feedback made simple — Request, give, and view feedback in one simple experience that you'll find valuable.

Goals: the final piece — Performance is built on feedback, conversations, and goals. Learn more about Goals next.mceclip4.png

Goals made easy — You can create goals at any time, and show how much progress you're making on your work.


One last thing...If you're ever wondering what you need to do, just click this bell. Anything urgent will appear here.mceclip6.png


  1. The terms of Goals, Conversations, Feedback and Recognition (as visible on the header tabs) can be updated through Admin settings. As such, they may display differently for you depending on the vernacular used by your particular organization (i.e. Goals = Objectives).
  2. While the search function is mainly used for locating people (by first and/or last name), you can also search for specific goals. This can be helpful if you want to make sure that you're not duplicating an existing goal (i.e. locate a goal of "Increase revenue by $10K in Quarter 3" by searching for "revenue").