Microsoft Teams Integration

What is the Betterworks Microsoft Teams integration?

The Betterworks Microsoft Teams integration allows you to enable notifications from Betterworks in Microsoft Teams. This includes notifications about OKR activity, due dates for Conversations and Recognition they've received. It's a great way to ensure that key Betterworks activities remain top-of-mind in the channels that you're already communicating in.

How does the integration work?

After you have connected Microsoft Teams to Betterworks, you can receive notifications on various activities. These activities include:

  • Somebody has commented, cheered or nudged your goal/key result
  • You have open conversations that are due
  • You have received recognition from your colleagues


How do I activate the integration?


  • You must have an active Betterworks and Microsoft Teams account.
  • Admins need to enable the integration for their organization before individual users can enable it for their accounts.

1. Enable it in Betterworks (as an Admin):

Admin > Platform Configuration > Integrations > Third-party Integrations > Microsoft Teams > Settings > [Toggle on]


2. Add the Betterworks app in Microsoft Teams:


3. ​Click "Sign-in" to be redirected to Betterworks where you'll be asked to "Authorize" access to your account:


4. Enable in Betterworks (as a user):

[Hover over your name in top-right corner] > My Settings > User settings > Notifications > Integrations > Activate


5. Select notifications:


6. Ensure that notifications have been enabled in Microsoft Teams by typing the "enable"command:


Additional Access/Permissions

The Betterworks app uses the following additional access/permissions to function in MS Teams:

"identity" - For user information
"messageTeamMembers" - To send messages to users