Enabling the Feedback Summary

As a Super Admin, you can enable the Feedback Summary to help your users more readily understand trends in the scheduled feedback that they are receiving. 

With this feature, users can: 

- View scheduled feedback results aggregated by question and cycle
- See the average response value per question
- See the individual responses per question
- Identify which providers have responded to feedback requests and which have not
- Print or download a PDF of an entire cycle summary
- More information on the feature is available here.

Enabling the Feedback Summary

Navigate to Admin > Program Management > Peer Feedback  and select "New Scheduled" then scroll down to "Show Details" in Step 3. Check the appropriate boxes based on the permissions you wish to set for the template. 

Note: You must enable Feedback Summary permissions before you start a feedback cycle. After at least one cycle has begun, you will no longer be able to update permission settings for a given template. This is enforced to prevent confidential feedback from accidentally being revealed at a later date.


What to Know

Feedback Summary is only compatible with templates created after December 10, 2019 and only supports scheduled feedback at this time. Additionally, to ensure confidentiality, it will only become active when at least 3 feedback providers have shared their feedback for a given cycle if the corresponding template contains any restrictions on who can view feedback providers or content.