Template Cloning

What is template cloning?

Template cloning allows admins to copy settings and content from existing templates when they wish to create new ones, instead of having to re-enter the information manually.

When might I want to use template cloning?

Cloning templates can dramatically streamline the deployment process, especially in the following scenarios:

  • You are deploying multiple templates across various employee populations with similar, but slightly different settings or questions. 
  • You are deploying a new cycle based on a pre-existing template but wish to make some tweaks before doing (and wish to retain the response data associated with the pre-existing template).

What specifically is copied when I clone a template?

When you clone a feedback template, the following attributes will be copied:

  • Template Name (will be appended with “- copy”, which you may then edit
  • Participants
  • Default providers
  • Whether or not feedback will be held until the cycle ends
  • Viewer and requester permissions
  • Questions
  • Notification settings

If you clone a conversation template, the following attributes will be copied:

  • Conversation Name (will be appended with "- copy", which you may then edit
  • Description
  • "Optional" settings
  • Participants
  • Format settings (including if and when confidential questions will be asked)
  • Viewer and editor permissions
  • Questions
  • Notification settings

The following attributes are not copied when cloning either conversation or feedback templates:

  • Cycle dates and settings (if applicable)
  • Deployment (cloned templates will not be deployed)
  • Question responses (i.e. conversation answers or feedback provided in one template will not be copied)

How do I clone a template?

An Admin may clone a template from either the list view or the template detail view. 

To clone a template from the list view, navigate to Admin > Program management > Conversation / Feedback Settings, locate the template that you wish to clone, select the blue icon that appears in the "actions" column. You will be prompted to confirm, then will be redirected to the cloned template, where you can edit and save it. Note that the process is identical for scheduled conversation and feedback templates.

To clone a template from the detail view, select a template from the template list to open the edit mode. You will then notice a small blue icon on the upper navigation bar, next to the "Cancel" button. Click this button to clone your template. After confirming that any changes you’ve made since loading the template will be saved, you’ll be redirected to the cloned template, which you can now edit and save. Note that the process is identical for scheduled conversations, as well as feedback templates.