Betterworks Release: User Interface Changes


Betterworks is introducing a sleeker User Interface (UI) on September 15th, 2020 (Between 5PM - 7 PM PDT). Prior to the release, users can access the new User Interface by access their "preview" environment, to get a first glimpse at the changes.


The UI Release includes:

  • Global updates to visual styling - Typography, Colors, Buttons, UI Controls, Text Fields and related
  • Brand new module for people managers labeled: Manager Insights

(New) Manager Insights:

  • People managers will now have access to Manager Insights, a module that offers more information on which of your employees:
    • Have not created an individual goal (does not include team or department goals)
    • Have not completed conversations
    • Have not received feedback
    • Have not updated OKRs recently *(as defined by admin)
  • This module includes the ability to:
    • Email individual employees 
    • Review multiple layers down your reporting tree
    • Deep link to relevant modules

(Updated) OKRs:

  • OKR List - “ON” state for Objectives/Key Results improved
  • Avatar Hover - shortcut to OKRs
  • Reassign OKR action - uses arrow icon
  • Update Progress - consistent styling; back button
  • Create Goal - easier to scan/read; Back button, Clear All
  • Expand/Collapse indicator for objectives and nested objectives

(Updated) Conversations:

  • Expand/collapse feature for instruction text
  • Previous Conversations moved to left-panel

(Updated) Feedback:

  • Improve typography/readability
  • Consolidated Request Feedback for Individual/Manager

(Updated) Recognition:

  • Recognize multiple people simultaneously

Click here for a PDF with visualizations of the changes: Visual Refresh