Performance Snapshot

Who is the Performance Snapshot for?

The Performance Snapshot is a feature for people managers and administrators:



What does the Performance Snapshot provide?

The Performance Snapshot provides managers the ability to:

  • View % Completion of OKRs (Goals) over the recent business periods
  • See number of cheers received on OKRs
  • Review recent conversations
  • Review recent feedback received
  • Review recent recognition received
  • Calibration information



Managers can access performance snapshot by searching for an employee's profile in Betterworks and selected "Performance Snapshot" or within a conversation with a direct report.

Managers can also use the print icon on performance snapshot to print or save a PDF of the performance details. 



Note: Skip-level managers can view feedback in the performance snapshot if the feedback template is configured for skip-level visibility however, anytime feedback will never be visible to skip-level managers.