Betterworks Release: 29.09.20

by Amanda Iles

September 29th, 2020 Release Notes:

User Interface Updates:

  • OKR list expand/collapse capability updated
  • Fixed Objective assess icon on Objective list
  • Updated ability to click on progress bar on Objective list to open right panel
  • Updated ability to save/remove OKR filter views
  • Expanded the width of the right panel on the Objective list
  • Fixed localization bugs

*Pending updates for October 13th, 2020 Release Notes:

User Interface Updates:

  • Timestamp in KR comments
  • Objective right panel being responsive
  • Fix manager ability to add providers to a scheduled feedback cycle
  • Add KR info to comments when viewing at Objective level
  • Update text size of Objective name on Objective list
  • Update styling of confidential questions
  • My profile button color updates
  • Update styling of homepage/stream
  • Localization bug fixes

General Release of New Feature for Managers and Administrators: Performance Snapshot

*all release updates subject to change