Engage: Add User(s) to Launched Survey

When a survey has been launched for all users, and if any new users join the company, they will not be receiving the survey links automatically. These new users will have to be added in the survey audience manually.

Steps to add new users manually to an already launched survey to "all audience"

  • Go to the Survey List page
  • Hover over the survey in which you wish to add the new users
  • Click on “More” button
  • Click on “Edit” button which appears on clicking the ‘More’ button.
  • You’re now redirected to the survey settings page.
  • In the setting page, click on the ‘Audience’ button on the top (which is the third step of the settings)
  • In the ‘Audience’ page, you will see a new button “Update Audience” - This will appear, only if there are new users added to the system after the survey is launched.
  • Click on the “Update Audience” button - A pop-up confirmation appears which also tells the number of new users which will get added to the survey audience. Click on “Confirm” to add the new users to the survey list.

After about a minute of making the changes, the new users will receive the survey link.