Engage: Creating Custom Roles

Creating Custom Roles

Admins have the ability to alter role definitions, or create a new role to meet specific access needs.  Simply navigate to “User Management”, click the “Roles” tab, and use the simple functionalities to create new roles

Organizations, depending on their needs can create custom roles and provide or restrict access accordingly.

  • Step 1- Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com > User Management > Click ‘Roles’ Tab > Click ‘Add Roles’ button.
  • Step 2- Enter the new role name and click ‘Create’
  • Step 3- After the role is created, click on the new role name.
  • Step 4- Click on each sections (General, Survey and Action Plans) – enable the toggle for whichever sub-section as required
  • Step 5- Click on ‘Save Changes’ after all changes are made.
Creating custom roles screen