Engage: Our Framework - Templates


Our Employee Engagement Framework Includes 3 Survey Templates

Based on this framework, we have created three Employee Engagement survey templates of different lengths - Mini (17), Standard (30), and Extended (50) to adapt to different customer styles and culture of feedback. Each template includes open text questions to provide employees with the opportunity to share any additional opinions or feedback.

We recommend conducting your next engagement surveys on a quarterly basis. The different template lengths allow you to rotate among templates, continually measuring your employee engagement without risking survey fatigue.

Our templates are not immutable. You can decide to remove, add, amend one or several questions, though doing so you may lose the ability to benchmark your results against industry averages .

Betterworks Engage Other Survey Templates

Apart from the 3 employee engagement framework templates, Betterworks Engage also provides ready-to-use survey templates for 5 other options:

  • Employee Health & Wellness survey
  • Manager Effectiveness survey
  • Alumni survey
  • Exit survey
  • On-boarding survey

These are available on our platform in the create survey section: