Engage: Types of Polls

Types of Polls

There are 2 types of polls which can be created.

  1. One Time Poll
  2. Recurring Pol

While Creating a new poll - in the ‘Poll Setting’ page, you can select the publishing frequencies. Polls launched just once is a “One Time Poll” and Polls which are scheduled to launch at set intervals are called “Recurring Polls”.

One Time Poll

One Time Poll After Launch - with options to close
  • The status will be “Active” as long as the poll is accepting votes. On closing the status will change to “Closed”
    • You cannot “Pause” a one time poll like in ‘recurring polls’.
  • In “Iteration Column” - This will now show “Active iteration closes on mm/dd/yyyy” if an active poll iteration is in progress
  • The poll will close automatically, after completing the number days mentioned in the “Stop accepting response after” section
  • From the “More” options, you can manually close the poll even before it completing the actual open days set for the poll.

Recurring Poll

Recurring Poll With an Active Iteration Recurring Poll with no Active Iteration. Recurring Poll when “Paused”
  • The status will be “Active” as long as the future poll schedules are in place. These recurring polls can be stopped in-between and the status will show as “Paused” in such cases. When paused, all future iterations of the polls will not be launched until the polls are manually restarted.
  • “Close Active Iteration” - When an active poll iteration is in progress, you will get this option and by ‘closing and active iteration’, only that in-progress iteration will get closed, all the future iterations of the polls will continue to launch as scheduled.
  • “Pause Recurring Poll” - If you wish to stop all the scheduled future iterations of the poll, you can pause recurring poll.
  • “Restart Recurring Poll” - if you wish to restart the recurring poll after pausing, you can use this option and by default the next scheduled launch date will be picked and launched.