Engage: Add Users via SFTP


Connection Setup 

1. The username and password to access SFTP server will be shared individually with the relevant IT person from your team who will lead the setup process.

2. Log into your organization's respective SFTP client with the provided credentials:

SFTP Server:

Port: 22

Username: [provided upon request]

Password: [provided upon request]

3. Test the connection: Upload a dummy file if you'd like to test the connection.

Once the connection is established and tested, you can start uploading the data in CSV file format. The file can be uploaded either daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference.

Create File

See the Betterworks Engage Toolkit.


  • The file must be in CSV UFT-8 (Comma delimited). We strongly recommend using Google Sheets (as opposed to Excel or Numbers).
  • The file name must be written as "employees.YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.csv" (ie. "employees.20190420113017.csv").

Encrypt File

Use any of the below PGP tools to encrypt your files in PGP format:

Also, please be sure to use our public PGP key.

SFTP Automation via Python

If you'd like to automate the file transfer, you can do so by using the following Python code.


  • This code is optional. You can manually upload CSV files or write another code to use.
  • The code needs to be written after logging into the SFTP server and run on the server.