Engage: Duplicating an Existing Survey

Duplicating an Existing Survey

You can create a new Survey by selecting ‘Create New Survey’ from the Survey page.

There are three ways in which you can duplicate an existing survey:

  • Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com > Survey Tab (Left hand menu) > Create New Survey (Button) > Select ‘Duplicate an existing survey’ > Select the desired survey from the dropdown > click ‘Next Step: Settings’
  • Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com > Survey Tab (Left hand menu) > Hover over the survey which you wish to be duplicated from the survey list
    • If the desired survey is “closed” or “Draft” survey, the DUPLICATE button appears on row; Click on the Duplicate button and proceed to settings page.
    • If your desired survey is “In-Progress” Survey, click on ‘More’ option button at the end to find the DUPLICATE button ; Click on the Duplicate button and proceed to settings page.

For surveys in “Draft” and “Closed” statuses


For surveys in “In-Progress” status

  • When duplicating a survey, the new survey will be populated with all the data from the survey you choose to duplicate, but you can still make edits to it.
  • You also have the option to link your new survey to the survey that you are duplicating. This will allow you to compare the data between the two iterations of the survey in your Survey Reports.
After choosing your method for creating a survey, you will go through five steps to complete and launch the survey.
  1. Settings
    • This is where you will put in the basic information about your survey, including the name, type, email and introduction page text and reminders. We’ve already put in some suggestions, but you can customize it completely.
  2. Questions
    • The Questions page is where you will choose which questions will be included in your survey. If you chose to duplicate a survey or selected a template, this page will already be populated with questions, but you can add, move and remove questions as you see fit.
    • The Custom Questions section allows you to either create your own completely custom questions or choose questions from our Question Bank.
  3. Audience
    • This is where you will select who should receive the survey. By default, it will be sent to everyone eligible, but you can remove this option and instead choose to send it to specific segments or even specific email addresses.
  4. Access
    • This is where you will select who has access to view the Survey Reports, as well as make any changes to the survey itself.
  5. Summary
    • This page shows all of the information you have set up for the survey. Review it carefully before sending out the survey - you can easily go back and make any changes while you are still editing, but once you launch the survey, your edit abilities will be limited.
    • You can also send a ‘Survey Preview’ from this page. The Survey Preview will send an exact version of the survey to whoever you specify, including yourself. This is a great way to view both the survey email and the survey itself before sending it out to the entire audience.