Engage: Survey Settings Advanced

Survey Settings

When creating a survey, there is a simple yet thorough 5 step process that must be completed in order to launch a survey. This article will go through each steps, and what ensues during each of them:

1. General Setting


  • Survey Name
    • You can name each of the survey you wish to launch.
    • Whether it is our standard templates or created from scratch or duplicated from an existing survey, you can name this new survey as desired.
  • Survey Type
    • If the survey is picked from our ready template, then this section is not editable. The survey type is pre-populated.
    • If creating a new survey from scratch, then select one of the existing survey type from the dropdown.
    • You can also add a new survey type by typing it in the field.
  • Survey Logo
    • Betterworks Engage allows you to use a custom logo (or image) for each surveys.
    • If no image is uploaded here, then by default, your company logo added in the system will be fetched here.
    • This image would be displayed in the Survey screen while the users are taking the survey.
  • Introduction Page Text
    • Words of this section would be displayed in the launch page (first screen) for the users while taking the survey.
    • By default a sample (generic) text would be populated; However this can be customized to your need.
    • Additionally, you can use the “Add Merge Tags” to make this section more personalized.
      • Example: by using the tag “{{participant.firstName}}”, in this introduction page, the system automatically (dynamically) picks the end user’s first name and displays in the first screen, making it look more personalized for the user.
  • Make Responses Anonymous (Check Box)
    • By clicking this, the survey would be anonymous survey.
      • You will be able to view the results using dimensions, but you will not get to know who has submitted what.
    • By un-checking this, the survey results will give data along with user details (email and employee ID)
  • Allow Participants to Skip Questions (Check Box)
    • By clicking this, the survey would allow users to skip questions if they do not wish to answers.
    • By un-checking this, the user would be forced to submit response to every questions of the survey.
Survey Setting Screen

2. Communication Settings

This consists of the email notification part and the frequencies at which these email notification needs to go.

If the checkbox to send email notification is checked, then the audience of the survey will receive the email notification asking them to complete the survey. Subsequently this email will continue to go to the audience who have not yet taken the survey until it reaches the specified date till which the reminder needs to be sent.

  • Email Subject and Email Body
    • By default a generic text will be populated.
    • This can be edited to anything which you wish to keep.
    • Additionally, this section can be personalized with end users first name & last name using the “add merge tags”. The system will dynamically pick the user name and show in their email inbox.
  • Send Reminders Every
    • Enter the interval days at which the email reminder needs to go to the users who have not taken the survey yet.
  • Stop the Reminders after
    • Enter the total number of days the survey needs to be active (The survey would still continue to be live, unless until hard closed); however the system will keep sending the reminders during this period. Post the maximum days specified, the auto reminders will stop going from Betterworks Engage system.
Survey Setting - Email Notification screen