Engage: Sending a Reminder

Sending a Reminder

Automated Survey Reminders

While creating a survey, in the settings page, you have options of setting the reminder frequencies and for how long these reminders needs to be sent.

Example: If “Send reminder every” is set to 2 days and “Stop reminders after” is set to 30 days - After the launch, every 2 days at the same time of launch a reminder email would go to the audience who have not taken the survey. This will go on 30 days from the start of the survey. In total maximum a person who hasn’t taken the survey will receive 15 reminders to complete the actual survey

Survey reminders section is at the end of the Settings page while creating a survey
Sending Manual Reminders

When you create a survey, you will specify the frequency and duration of automated reminders, but you can also send out a manual reminder at any time. You can do this in two places:

  • When you hover over an In Progress survey in the Survey List, one of the options is ‘Send a reminder.’
  • Another option in the Survey List is ‘See report.’ When you open the Survey Report, one of the tabs will be ‘Reminders.’

In either of these locations, you can send a manual reminder out to everyone in the survey audience who has not yet taken the survey.

Sending a manual reminder is in addition to your already set up automated reminders. If you want to change the frequency or duration of your automated reminders, you can do that by selecting the ‘Edit’ option from the Survey List. The automated reminders are located at the bottom of the Settings page in Survey Creation.

Sending manual reminders for ‘In-Progress’ Surveys