Engage: Closing an Action Plan

Closing an Action Plan

After an action plan is created and assigned to a person (this could be HRBP/Manager or any one on the system), that person needs to work on it and complete the action plan by the due date mentioned.

The concerned person will receive a notification after they are assigned with an action plan and they can access the action plan from the Action Plan tab on the left hand side of the insights platform (report.gethyphen.com).

  • Step 1 - After reviewing the action plan, once you begin to start working on the Action plan, set the status as in-progress letting the admin know the work has begun on that action plan.
  • Step 2 - After completing you action plan, you need to close it. against the same action item, in the section ‘Set As’, select “Completed. This will lead to a pop-up box where you are required to detail out what action you have taken to close the action item. You are also required to rate yourself for the action item.
    • The admin will get a notification once the action is closed and can also view the same on their action plan screen from insights.