Engage: Poll Settings

Poll Settings

The first of the five step is the Poll settings is the SETTINGS

This step has 3 parts

1. General Setting

  • You select the category of the poll (from predefined list of category) or enter your custom category.
  • Checkbox to allow users to view the results after submitting their vote.

2. Publishing

  • Here you get to schedule when the Poll needs to be launched and the successive frequencies in which the Poll should go to the audience.
  • You also mention when the poll (or an iteration of the poll) needs to be closed in the section “Stop accepting responses after”.

3. Communications

This consists of the email notification part and the frequencies at which these email notification needs to go.

If the checkbox to send email notification is checked, then the audience of the Poll will receive the email notification asking them to complete the Poll. Subsequently this email will continue to go to the audience who have not yet taken the Poll until it reaches the specified date till which the reminder needs to be sent.

  • Email Subject and Email Body
    • By default this section would be empty.
    • You can draft the email text you wish to send.
    • Additionally, this section can be personalized with end users first name & last name using the “add merge tags”. The system will dynamically pick the user name and show in their email inbox.
  • Send Reminders Every
    • Enter the interval days at which the email reminder needs to go to the users who have not taken the Poll yet.
  • Stop the Reminders after
    • Enter the total number of days the Poll needs to be active; The system will keep sending the reminders during this period. Post the maximum days specified, the auto reminders will stop going from Betterworks Engage system.