Engage: Survey Best Practices


Ask your Customer Success Executive for a 30 min training on Betterworks Engage:
  • Since you will be the super-user of Betterworks Engage, it is important that you understand the various features and configurations of Betterworks Engage.
  • Before you launch Betterworks Engage in your Organization, ask your Customer Success Executive for a training on Setting up the system and launching it
Make sure your Users data is setup properly in Betterworks Engage
  • Go to Insights > Employees > Make sure the emails of all employees who need to use Betterworks Engage are in the system (Secret – That’s the only information required for launching! All the rest can be updated later)


First Communication always from a CXO’s desk:

  • Getting CXO commitment is key to Betterworks Engage success (See Key Success Factors slide)
  • Reaffirms leadership commitment to understand Employee Feedback
  • Piques interest at all levels of the Organization
  • Betterworks Engage will share a Launch Email Communication Template which can be customized

Mention Betterworks Engage in a public setting:

  • HRs and Managers to conduct 5 minute informal Betterworks Engage Introduction talks with their teams
  • Educate Employees about the most exciting features of Betterworks Engage & Increase the initial adoption
  • Brief a group of champions e.g HRBPs or Team Managers who can get traction on the floor
  • Talk about Betterworks Engage in a Townhall or an All-Hands Meeting and encourage people to ask questions


Create a Cadence of MINI Quarterly Engagement Surveys at the beginning of every quarter

  • Annual Engagement Surveys are long and are redundant in fast-changing Organizations. Quarterly surveys provide more real-time insights to employee’s current context
  • Create a template of questions using our Engagement Survey Question Library
  • Betterworks Engage recommends launching same survey multiple times to understand the trends. Recommended Engagement Survey Templates
  • Go to Insights > Surveys > Create New Survey & Follow the steps mentioned here to set up, test & launch the Survey

Use Betterworks Engage Insights Dashboard to understand Areas of Improvement

  • This Survey’s results will act as a baseline to plan all engagement activities for the next quarter
  • Use Survey Report in Betterworks Engage Insights to understand at a quick glance, which categories are doing well v/s others. ex: Is “Feedback and Recognition” an area of concern for my employees? Are they happy with the Worklife Balance etc? based on your survey questions
  • Use Heatmaps to dive deeper to understand which Segment of population need more attention than others (BONUS TIP - Use Betterworks Engage unlimited dimensions capability to slice and dice your data to any granularity)

Run Regular short Employee Lifecycle Surveys to understand their experiences:

  • Each employee is on a unique journey in their career – and so are the factors that engage or disengage them as they experience their work through each critical phase in their “Employee Lifecycle.” - On-Boarding, 60-90 days experience, Long term employee experience, Exit Surveys
  • Betterworks Engage allows to schedule and send surveys at different employee life-cycles.

Make Employee download & sign-in to Betterworks Engage during the onboarding process:

  • Ask your Customer Success Executive to help you integrate Betterworks Engage with your HRMS system to keep a track of your new-joinees and exits
  • Ask employees to download Betterworks Engage app from the Google/Apple stores, and login with their official email IDs
  • Share a deck with them that explains what Betterworks Engage is, and how it is being used within your Org

Manager 180 Degree Feedback survey to understand effectiveness of Managers

  • A good Organization culture is a reflection of the culture of it’s individual teams. And a team’s culture is defined by it’s manager. Manager surveys give you a glimpse into the micro-health of your Org, and enables you to take specific Actions.
  • Create a template of questions using our Manager Survey Question Library
  • Go to Insights > Surveys > Create New Survey & Follow the steps mentioned here to set up, test & launch the Survey