Engage: Customer Onboarding Checklist (Survey Only)

Whitelisting (1-2 days)


Step 1 - Copy this below text into an email

Hi <Name>,

We are launching a new app called Betterworks Engage @ <Company Name> for collecting employee feedback using surveys. The app sends emails to our employees with the link to the survey.

If Betterworks Engage emails have to reach employees, then the below steps have to be completed -

  • Whitelist domain - hyphenmail.com to allow all emails from this domain
  • Whitelist (Betterworks Engage email server’s IP address)
  • Additionally, you may also want to whitelist to access Betterworks Engage video guides and articles https://university.gethyphen.com/
  • Whitelist gethyphen.com URL within the company

Please do the needful. Let me know if you have any questions


Step 2 - Send it to the relevant IT person & let Betterworks Engage know

  • Send it to the IT person responsible in your company

  • Let your Betterworks Engage Customer Success Manager know that whitelisting is complete

Preparation of Employee Data (1 - 2 weeks - depends on Data Quality)


Step 1 - Prepare Employee Data

Create Employee Data file in CSV Format as per the specifications in the file attached

Download [Betterworks Engage Toolkit] Employee Data CSV specifications.xlsx


Step 2 - Verify quality of data

Please download the checklist attached below.

Download CSV Data File Checklist.xlsx

Once you create the data file, review and fill out the checklist to ensure that the data is clean.

Step 3 - Share it with your Customer Success Manager at Betterworks Engage

  • Share the data file with your CSM at Betterworks Engage who will review and let you know the correctness
  • Once reviewed, CSM will help you set it up on Betterworks Engage

Survey Questionnaire Preparation (1 day)


Step 1 - Set Up a training call with your CSM

Coordinate with your CSM and Schedule a call where you will be demoed about the product set up in detail


Step 2 - Finalise your Questionnaire

Keep your questions for the Survey ready. Check our framework document which has the Sample Templates for questionnaires.

Download Betterworks Engage Employee Engagement Framework.pdf



Step 3 - Set up the questions on Betterworks Engage

Refer to the video guide below or the article here to help you set up and launch a test survey
Step 4 - Verify Set up with your CSM
Your CSM will verify your survey setup if it is the first roll-out to ensure your launch is smooth!

Testing with your team (3-5 days)


Step 1 - Select a group of your team-members to check readiness before launch

If your company is spread out with a lot of locations, or if different departments in your company have different security restrictions (call-center, banks, BPO, manufacturing etc), then choose a sample of testers who represent each of these areas.


Communications (3-5 days)


Step 1 - Explore our communications folder

In the zipped file attached below, we have:

  • An email template to be sent out by your CEO on survey launch
  • A power-point presentation that introduces Betterworks Engage to your employees
  • Email Templates during the course of your survey to boost participation (we will send you another email when the survey is in progress)

Download Communications_Folder.zip



Step 2 - Pick the strategy that works best for you

Pick the templates from the folder that you think work best for your Organisation. Your CSM can help you with best practices.