Engage: New Launch Execution Plan

Week 1 - Launch Communications


First Communication always from a CXO’s desk

  • Getting CXO commitment is key to Betterworks Engage success
  • Reaffirms leadership commitment to understand Employee Feedback
  • Piques interest at all levels of the Organisation
  • Repurpose this template and ask your CXO sponsor to send it out from his/her desk to all the pilot employees

Mention Betterworks Engage in a public setting

  • Talk about Betterworks Engage in a public setting or a town-hall session & encourage Employees to download the app:
  • HRs and Managers to conduct 5 minute informal Betterworks Engage Introduction talks with their teams
  • Educate Employees about the most exciting features of Betterworks Engage & Increase the initial adoption
  • Brief a group of champions e.g HRBPs or Team Managers who can get traction on the floor
  • Use this PPT template to drive the conversations
Send Automated Betterworks Engage Invite E-mails to everyone
  • Please contact your Betterworks Engage CSM to send the automated invite emails to all the pilot population
Explore our Communications folder

In the zipped file attached below, we have:

  • An email template to be sent out by your CEO on survey launch
  • A power-point presentation that introduces Betterworks Engage to your employees
  • Email Templates during the course of your survey to boost participation

Pick the strategy that works best for you. Select templates from the folder that you think work best for your Organisation. Your CSM can help you with best practices.

Download Communications-20190204T053734Z-001.zip


Week 2 - Spike Initial Adoption

Download Betterworks Engage App

Android App

iOS App

Understand your audience

Run a Mini Engagement Survey

  • If you have not run any Engagement or Ad Hoc surveys recently, Betterworks Engage recommends to conduct a baseline survey to collect feedback from employees.
  • You can use the Engagement Survey templates below for your reference


Publish 1-2 Pulse Polls at the time of launch
  • Employees will not be greeted by an empty app when they first login. Make them excited about the possibilities of Using Betterworks Engage
  • Betterworks Engage suggests picking Top 3 categories from your previous Employee Engagement Survey & craft questions around it with Betterworks Engage team’s support
  • Recommended Questions - 
    • I am very happy are you at work these days
    • I feel heard to at work
    • I agree that [Company Name] has a good work culture? 

Launch a new Pulse Poll every week to increase engagement 

Create Posts, Engage Users and Gather Feedback

  • As admins, you need to make a move. Create engaging content that will excite the employees to have a two conversations

  • Ask questions to gather feedback around a new process or policies implemented

  • Create Multiple choice questions to learn about their choice as a company or a team

Sample Posts -

  • How do you think we are doing on "X" after today’s presentation?
  • How is everybody liking the new food truck we have on Wednesdays?
  • Is it possible that the company can send managers to a course to freshen up their people skills? It can be a helpful tool.
  • We are struggling with bad pollution since the past 3 weeks. It's becoming hard to commute to office & affecting our health. It's unfair that we don't have a work from home policy


Week 3 - Maximise Engagement


Now that the employees are talking and sharing their opinion on Betterworks Engage. It is time you as admins acknowledge and respond to their queries and concerns. Responding to user queries on Betterworks Engage is a very important activity for the success of the Project/Launch.

Responsiveness on the App

  • There are a lot of posts created on the feed that needs your attention.
  • As admins you can pick these up, respond and engage the users in conversations
  • Sign off as Named or Official. This adds credibility and builds the trust in them, that you are listening
  • Use the Reply feature in the comments to engage a specific user with interesting comment

Decentralise Authority - Assign tasks

  • There are issues that are posted in specific groups and can be solved locally by the Regional HR or the respective Business Leaders
  • When you see a post that needs to be addressed by someone apart from you. You can simply assign that post to the relevant person
  • Click on the Wrench Icon in the post, type the email ID of the person you want to assign the post to and submit
  • They will receive an email with the link of the post that needs to be addressed

Share Interesting Content with People

  • One of the most popular ways to engage users is by sharing content.
  • The culture of sharing needs to be instilled within the employees.
  • To start with you can share important posts with the regional heads or managers
  • They in turn can share it with members of their team or department and engage their peers
Refer to the guide below "Boosting Employee Voice Adoption" for detailed explanations
Download Boosting Employee Voice Adoption.pptx

Week 4 - Ask Leader Session


Ask Leader Session

This week conduct an Ask Leader Anything session with relevant leaders. For Ex: A Business Leader, who can address 1-2 issues that popped-up in the previous weeks conversations

  • Easy for super-busy leaders to just go live on Betterworks Engage, rather than host elaborate town-halls or in-person meetings
  • This is one of the most effective tools to improve engagement and participation in Betterworks Engage.
  • Identify leaders willing to participate in Betterworks Engage Ask Leader Anything sessions - Can be CXOs, Business Heads, Country Managers, HR Heads
  • Work with the Betterworks Engage team to run campaigns to gather audience. (Betterworks Engage CS team needs 3 days advance notice to run this)
  • Leader can take questions either on Betterworks Engage Mobile or Web App & answer queries during the session.

The preparations for the campaign can be done 3- 4 days in advance where the leader can communicate via a post or a video that they are going to be live along with the date and time and sign of with their name OR the HR department can communicate to the employees on Betterworks Engage via a post that "X" will be live on this date and time and sign of as official



Week 5 - Idea Week


This is a week where users are still getting used to Betterworks Engage. So, the best thing to do is to “prod” them to share more opinions or feedback.

  • Choose a category  based on the different Pulse Polls that are launched, and encourage people to share their ideas on improvement.
  • For ex: Let’s say “Communication” was chosen. Create contextual open-ended questions like “Give 3 suggestions to improve Field communication with Organisation Leaders” to “Site Engineers” group and enable them to open up.
  • To make it exciting and to increase the participation, you can have rewards allotted for best ideas. Betterworks Engage team can help anonymously reward these employees.


Week 6 - Communicate Action Items


Always Communicate Results and Action items to Employees as this will increase trust in the long run, which will translate into higher interest and active participation in all engagement activities

  • Pick 2 low hanging fruits and communicate action being taken on those items to the wider group on Betterworks Engage. This helps increase transparency and active participation
  • Use Betterworks Engage as a channel for communicating results. Create an “X” Channel in Betterworks Engage to communicate back on an on-going basis the different actions being taken based on Employee Feedback
  • Management acknowledgement in either the channel/or town-hall, newsletter, action items communicated
  • Ensure that Management & Leadership participate in Betterworks Engage conversations frequently.


Week 7 - Engage More


Gather continuous feedback on an ongoing basis

  • Conduct an Ad hoc survey collecting feedback about the tool from the users
  • Publish a Pulse Poll that is contextual to your Organisation. Getting feedback on a Policy that you are working on OR For ex: ”What do you think about the newly released Work-Life Balance Policy?
  • By this time, there would be queries popping up on Betterworks Engage. Keep Responding to the queries, and participating in conversations, so that users feel reassured that their voices are being heard.

Week 8 - Conclude with a Ask Us Anything session

Conclude the last week with another “Ask Leader/HR/CEO Anything” Session similar to the one you did in Week 4. Pick a Leader and ask them to go live on Betterworks Engage. Again, focus conversations based on the inputs from previous weeks or the entire duration of the Pilot.