Engage: App Settings

App settings on the Betterworks Engage tool lets you configure the tool parameters

Betterworks Engage Insights

Anonymise data in segments containing less than: Value defined here will govern the data visibility in reports. Eg - Value entered is 3, If one of your segments contains less than 3 employees you won't be able to see any data for it in segmented reports

Display Company Averages: Displaying company averages will give access to complete data across the entire company in Insights. Against every question and category the data will compare and show how good or bad a particular score has performed

Select Available Benchmarks: Multi select the benchmarks that you want to be visible on insights to all the users from the list of Industry and size combo that Betterworks Engage offers

Select Default Benchmark: Pick one value from the set of benchmarks selected above


Default survey introduction page text: This will be displayed to the recipients on the first page of a survey. You can customize it per survey

Likert Scale Settings

Likert Scale Option Range: Select the number of options you wish to display for a Likert type custom question. Enter the values in all the Default Option fields below. Note - These settings will not be applicable to Template questions.

Action Plan Settings

Send action plan digest emails: Send weekly digest emails to users with active Action Plans. If the item is checked decide what day and time you wish to send the digest emails

Action Plan

Manage Suggestions: Manage your custom templates and select which Betterworks Engage templates to use