Engage: Removing Users

There are two primary ways to remove users from Betterworks Engage. Before taking action, ask yourself if an employee has simply left the company, or if you want to remove all records of that employee entirely. Marking a user as "terminated" versus removing them entirely is helpful, as any surveys they participated in will help to maintain an artifact of how the organization was set up at a given point in time. Removing a user entirely is especially helpful if for some reason you have a duplicate of the same user in the system. 

Option 1: Small Changes (via U.I.)

  1. Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com and then to "User Management"  
  2. Use the search bar to find the user to be removed  
  3. Tick the check box to the left of the user's email address
  4. Select "Delete" underneath the search bar


Alternatively, to mark a user as terminated instead of removing them entirely, simply click on a user's profile, change their status to "Terminated," and then select their termination date. 

Note: if you do not select a termination date, it will default to the same day the user was marked "Terminated."



Option 2: Large Changes (via CSV File)

  1. Open recent .CSV or export from user table 
  2. Add “employment_end_date” column 
  3. Input dates (yyyy-mm-dd) for employees to be removed 
  4. Save and upload .CSV via "Add Users" in User Management