Engage: Question Settings

After filling in the survey parameters in the previous page, this step will allow you to add custom questions that you want to be a part of the survey.


Question: Add your question in this field

Category: Choose from the list of categories already available on Betterworks Engage platform or click on create custom category to create a new category of your choice

Question Type: Currently the platform supports 6 different question types

  • Likert - Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. It supports upto a maximum of 7 options. This can be defined at the organization level in the App Settings. Favorability score can only be shown for Likert type of questions
  • Multiple Choice - Upto 15 options can be added for this question type. Favorability scores will NOT be calculated for Multiple Choice questions
  • Multi Select - Upto 15 options can be added for this question type. Additionally, you would also need to mention the maximum choices that a user can select for the question.
  • eNPS - Employee Net Promotor Score has a range of choices from 0 to 10
  • Yes/No - For Yes or No type of questions
  • Open - Questions where you just intend to collect Qualitative/Subjective text responses

Allow Comments: Decide whether or not employees can submit comments (text responses) along with the option/s with this question

Include Verbatim in Sentiment Analysis: Check if the answers to this question need to be analysed for sentiment

Set as Driver Impact Analysis outcome question: Check if this is a question which implies the outcome or goal of the survey. This will be used in the Driver Impact Analysis.

Include in favorability calculation: This will by default be enabled for all Likert type questions