Engage: Adding Users via U.I.

New users can be easily added to the user table via the user interface. 

  1. Log into reports.gethyphen.com 
  2. Navigate to User Management in the lower left corner under "Admin" 
  3. Select "Add Users" in the upper right-hand corner of "User Management" Screen_Shot_2021-01-21_at_8.05.02_AM.png
  4. In the text field, enter the new user's email address
  5. Select "Add" and then assign the necessary role permissions to each user Screen_Shot_2021-01-21_at_8.00.48_AM.png
  6. Select "Add Users" at the lower right-hand corner of the page 
  7. Once that is done, you can click directly into a user's profile and add additional relevant info pertaining to that user. Don't forget to select "Save Changes" once you are finished Screen_Shot_2021-01-21_at_8.03.48_AM.png