Engage: Add Users via CSV Upload

For adding/updating user records for larger sized groups, the CSV upload feature is key. Instead of adding users individually, admins can account for mass changes to employee records, and upload them in one go. The process for doing this is simple and outlined below:

  1. First, one way to gather all your users in the same .csv file is to simply export them from the UI. In the User Management module,  click on "Export" from the user table:

  2.  Add/Revise data as needed *employee IDs cannot be revised, but email addresses can be updated as long as the employee ID is consistent* 

  3. Ensure columns and cells are formatted - and ensure that default column headers i.e. manager_email matches those in the Understanding Dimensions support article .

  4. Back in the UI, click on "Add Users":


  5.  Click "Import from CSV". Doing so will show some instructions regarding what information and dimensions to include, as well as a link to the template itself that can be used if you want to start from scratch. After you populate your template, click "Upload a CSV":

  6. After you select your .csv file, the user upload process will begin. Users will receive a notification in the UI once it's complete, and an email notification will be sent out if any errors occurred during the upload process.