Engage: Driver Impact Analysis

Betterworks Engage’s Driver Impact Analysis uses advanced statistical analysis to identify the true drivers (i.e. questions) that are highly correlated to the overall outcome (say, engagement). It runs through all the survey responses and analyses the voting patterns of highly engaged employees and those of the least engaged employees.

At the time of creating the survey, in the questions settings Set as Driver Impact Analysis outcome question needs to be checked for question/s which implies the outcome or goal of the survey against which all the other rating questions will be co related. It is mandatory for at-least one question to be selected as an Outcome question for the Driver Impact Analysis to run.


The driver impact analysis can be found in the Questions Report tab within the survey report

  • Stars denote the Outcome question/s in the survey
  • All the other rating questions will have an impact bar against them to indicate how closely each of those questions are related to the outcome question
  • Higher the number of bars - highest the correlation and vice versa