Engage: Poll Question Settings



Second step in launching the poll is the question setting. Here you get to create the question you would like to ask the employees along with the answer options. Further, you can enable the option to capture comments and also include them for sentiment analysis in reports and dashboard.


Polls Question Type: There are totally 5 types of poll question which can be created for polls. 

  • LIKERT: The answer options in this are predefined and cannot be altered. The result of this type of question only will be considered for favorability scores.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE: You can enter custom answer option in type of question.
  • eNPS: The answer option for this type of question is standard rating scale from 0 to 10. Learn more about eNPS here question and it’s results here. 
  • Yes/No: This question type will have the answer option fixed to “Yes” & “No”.
  • Open: This type of question needs to be selected when you like to capture qualitative data (only comments)