Engage: Poll Audience Settings



After choosing your method for creating a survey and completing the first step of general settings and second step of Questions settings, you will be directed to the Audience page. From here you can define who should receive and complete the survey notifications.

1. Sending Polls to everyone

By default, it would be selected to “Send to everyone eligible”, this will enable the poll to be triggered to every active employee loaded in the system.


If the poll needs to be sent to everyone on board, then no changes need to be done here, click on Next Steps and proceed further.

2. Sending polls to targeted audience

  • Un-check the “Send to everyone eligible” box.
  • This will allow you to add criteria to audience selection.
    • Using criteria, you can select a specific dimension like a targeted department or location or any other user dimensions and launch a poll only to those users.
    • You can also add multiple criteria and narrow down to a specific group of people. Example - You can add location “San Francisco” and add department “Sales” and also add designation “Senior manager”, so the poll will be launched to very specific few people who fit in the criteria.


3. Sending Poll to recipients by adding manually

If you have a set of email IDs to which the poll needs to be triggered, you can simply copy-paste them by clicking on the “Add recipients by email”

Multiple email ids can be added, comma separated and the email trigger would launch to them.

You can use this functionality over and above setting a criteria.