Engage: Understanding Poll List

All of the company’s polls would be listed on the polls listing page. On the left menu by clicking the third icon “Polls” you will be redirected to the survey listing page.


In this place all of the polls which were launched in active or closed or paused and draft polls would be displayed. The page also gives basic information about the name of the Poll along the type and frequency of the poll mentioned below it and the status of the poll (if it is in draft/active/paused/closed state), the third column mentions about the iterations of the poll, it tells how many iterations have gone through and if there are any active iteration at the moment. Next column mentions the audience criteria if any and in the last column displays the Key dates.

  • For "One-Time" Poll - The status will be "Active" as long as the poll is accepting votes. On closing the status will change to "Closed"
  • For "Recurring" Poll - The status will be "Active" as long as the future poll schedules are in place. These recurring polls can be stopped in-between and the status will show as "Paused" in such cases. When paused, all future iterations of the polls will not be launched until the polls are manually restarted.
  • Iteration column - This will show "Active iteration closes on mm/dd/yyyy" if an active poll iteration is in progress and it will show "No active iteration" if no active poll iteration.
  • Key Dates - For poll launched with future date, this column will show the "Launch Date" and for active polls, it will display the next iteration date along with last iteration sent out date.

Admin Actions available on hovering over the polls:

  • For "One Time" Poll 
    • The status will be "Active" once launched.
    • From "More" options, you will have only "Close Poll" along with edit & delete. 
    • On closing the poll, the status will change to "Closed"
    • You will not have any option to reopen a one-time poll.
  • For "Recurring" poll
    • "Pause Recurring Poll" - this option is for deactivating the future iteration while allowing to collect votes for current iteration 
    • "Close active iteration" - this option is for closing active iteration, while keeping all future poll launch schedules intact.
    • Further, "Close Active Iteration' option will come only when there is an in-progress iteration.
  • For “Paused” poll
    • “Restart recurring poll” - By enabling this, the paused poll’s status will change to “Active” and the future iteration date would be set for launch.