Betterworks Releases: March 2021

by Amanda Iles



Production Environment Updates:



  • "Request to edit" option now applies to Confidential Questions section of conversations. Employees can utilize this option (with Betterworks administrator approval) to add or make changes to their answers in a past-due conversation. For more information on how to request to edit, review our Support Article here.
  • Conversations Tab formatting update: A user's conversation will now appear as the "You" tab on the left-hand side of the conversation page. 


  • Updated comments section on the OKR export
    • Updated comments are correctly displayed on “Export to PPT” and in the right panel under 'Comments' tab when owner user comments on a OKR
    • Nested OKR comments are displayed on slides under Exported PPT
    • Supporting text is displayed for Objective header on Key Result slide in the exported PPT report from Objective list page
    • Will export up to a max of 30 Key Results comments with details per OKRs


  • Survey Trend Lines added to Survey Reports: Overview, Questions, Categories
  • Trending Data exports available on all applicable surveys


Preview Environment Updates (Will be available in Production during next release*):


New Feature: Conversations+ 

Conversations Answers Report includes fields for Conversations+ Contributors

Manager badge will now show on an avatar's popover if they are the manager in the conversation

Header text for HRQs has changed to “Once the conversation cycle ends, ‘name’ will have additional questions below”

Fix: Permissions updated on Feedback Answers Report