Objective Weights


Managers can assign weights to objectives for their direct reports. An objective weight score will be calculated as an average of all objectives' progress. Weights can convey each objective's importance and priority within a business period. Objective weights can also allow organizations to apply weighting to goal completion calculations for compensation planning purposes.

Where can I find it?

From Objectives → My Direct Reports, select "Weights" on any of the objectives:


You can then enter the weights for each objective (the total must equal 100%):


Then click "Submit":



Objectives weights can be exported in administrator reports:



Can a direct report create their own objective weights?

Objective weights can only be created and updated by the objective owner's manager.

Can I add objective weights to team objectives?

Yes. If an employee is a member of a team that owns an objective their manager can set a unique weight for the team-owned objective (each member of the Team will have their own unique, unrelated weight for the Team-owned objective).

Can I set a custom name for weights? 

Yes. You can do this by going to Admin → Platform Configuration → Branding → Naming.