Goal Weights


Managers can assign weights to goals for their direct reports. A goal weight score will be calculated as an average of all goals' progress. Weights can convey each goal's importance and priority within a business period. Goal weights can also allow organizations to apply weighting to goal completion calculations for compensation planning purposes.

Where can I find it?

From Goals → My Direct Reports, select "Weights" on any of the goals:


You can then enter the weights for each goal (the total must equal 100%) and click "Submit":



Lastly, administrators can export goal weights:



Can direct reports set their own goal weights?

Yes, if this option is enabled (Admin → Program Management → Goals → Settings → Weights), direct reports will be able to set their own weights.

Can I add goal weights to team goals?

Yes. If you are a member of a team that owns a goal, you or your manager can set a unique weight for the team-owned goal. However, each member of the team will have their own unique, unrelated weight for the team-owned goal.

Can I set a custom name for weights? 

Yes. You can do this by going to Admin → Platform Configuration → Branding → Naming.