Skip Level Feedback


The Betterworks Feedback module now offers the ability for administrators to provide Skip level access to scheduled feedback cycles. This capability enables top-level leaders to be more involved in their team member's growth and development.

For more information about feedback cycles, see our Configuring Feedback article.

Enabling Skip Level Feedback

To enable Skip level feedback, administrators will want to update Step 3 of a Scheduled Feedback Template:


The default setting for Scheduled Feedback is that the feedback & feedback provider information is viewable to the recipient, the recipient's manager, and the skip-level manager. To deselect these options, simply uncheck the boxes accordingly. 

Viewing Skip Level Feedback as a Manager

If skip-level access has been granted by administrators on a scheduled feedback cycle, top-level leaders will now see a second tab available in their "View" section of feedback. By selecting "Skip Level" they can see feedback for their manager's team members directly in the platform. 



Can this apply to anytime feedback templates?

Not at this time, this option is only available for scheduled feedback.

Will this apply retroactively to past cycles?

No, this is a new option available for any upcoming scheduled feedback cycles. 

Will the feedback provider and recipient know that skip level managers have access to view the feedback?

Yes, the visibility settings are communicated at the top of the feedback template and let both the feedback provider know while they are providing the feedback who will be able to see it, and the feedback recipient will know who else has access to view the feedback they've received.