Updating User's Languages & Locale


The preferred language option for a user can be automatically set when creating or updating users in the platform. Administrators can now populate a locale field for each user and set the user’s language setting. The language locale option is available with CSV bulk uploads, API user updates, HRIS integrations, and the admin user management interface. Setting a preferred language can be a time-saver for administrators and will improve the user experience for employees located around the world. 

Updating a user's language directly in the platform

Administrators with Super Admin permissions can go to:

Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Users → Individual update

To update a user's language field. This field will automatically update the user's Betterworks language in the platform when they login: 


Updating a user's language via CSV

On the user CSV file that is sent either automatically via HRIS or uploaded manually to the Betterworks platform, there is now a "locale" column that can be included. By including the correct locale information for a user, this will automatically adjust their Betterworks language accordingly:



Updating a user's language via API

To learn more about the Betterworks API and how to set it up for your organization, see our Developer Documentation as well as the following articles:

The below example is a way to update a user's language utilizing the Betterworks API:



Reference-able locales

When including specific languages in the user CSV file, the proper locale designations must be included in order for the system to properly update the user's language: