Custom Fields



As a Super Admin, you can add up to 50 custom fields that will display when creating user groups and in reports that are generated from the Usage Dashboard.

Adding Custom Fields

To add a custom field, go to Admin → User Management → Users → Custom Fields

1. Click "+ Add another field".

2. Enter a field key.

Note: Only a-z (lowercase), 0-9, and underscores can be used. 

3. Enter a field label. 

4. Save your changes. 

Note: You must include field keys when sharing user data through a manual CSV upload, the HRIS integration, or an API call


Acme Corp. has employees located across 5 US regions; Northeast, Southwest, West, Southeast, and Midwest. Jane would like to include employee regions in the user data that Acme Corp. shares with Betterworks. To do this, she will need to:

1. Add a custom field (key = "region", label = "Region"). 

2. Add a new field to the file template.

3. Enter user data.

4. Share with Betterworks via manual CSV upload or the HRIS integration. 

From there, the custom field will display with the "Region" label in the user group creation menu.

The label will also display in reports that are generated from the Usage Dashboard.


What if we are already utilizing the legacy custom_01 - custom_05 fields?

The custom_01 - custom_05 fields will remain in place, but cannot be re-keyed. You can update the label of those fields in the Custom Fields section. 

Who will be able to see the data included in custom fields?

Only Super Admins will be able to see the data.