Custom Fields


You can add up to 50 custom fields for your users with custom naming conventions that will display throughout the application. This is an "additive" feature on top of user management. Our recommendation is to add custom fields as needed to the user profile via the Admin module provided Admin → User Management → Departments and Users → Users → Custom Fields.

Adding Custom Fields

In Admin → User Management → Users → Custom Fields:

  1. Click "+ Add another field"
  2. Give the field a key
    • This is the key for the data and will be used in CSV uploads, the HRIS integration and API calls
      • Note: The key must be added before using the above features to add/update user files
  3. Give the field a label
    • This should match the name of the custom field key
  4. Save your changes


Adding a Key

  • The "Custom Field Key" represents the header in the CSV file for user uploads
    • Valid values are [a-z], [0-9] and underscore
      • It may not contain spaces
      • All letters must be lowercase 


What if we have already utilized the available Custom 01-Custom 05 fields available?

The custom 01-05 fields will remain in place, but cannot be re-keyed. You can update the label of those fields in the Custom Fields section. 

Who will be able to see the data included in Custom Fields?

Administrators with Super Admin permissions will be able to see this information via Admin Groups reports pulled from the Usage dashboard and within Calibration.