Release: September 14th, 2021

Production Environment


  • New:
    • Super Admins are now able to submit a "request to edit" on a participant's behalf if only that participant's side of the Conversation is locked (i.e. questions for the direct report were set to lock before that of their manager)
  • Bug Fixes:
      • Anytime Conversation question numbers will now be in alignment (format) with the associated questions
      • On the Conversations list page, the "Contributors" column will no longer appear for Conversations that don't have additional contributors enabled
      • If the questions in a Conversation template are changed while a Conversation is in progress, contributors who were invited after the change will no longer see those changes reflected and instead will see the same questions provided to the manager and other contributors


  • New:
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Permissions text for Skip level managers will now display under Feedback → Summary
    • Feedback templates will no longer be referenced by "Topic" under Feedback → Request
    • If Skip level managers are included in the permissions for a feedback template, the text will now inform feedback providers that "Only Admins and [name of Skip level manager]" can see their responses (rather than "Only Admins")


  • Bug Fixes:
    • New surveys that are linked to previous surveys will no longer error out when launched


  • New:
    • Calibration
      • Landing page will now display one cycle at a time
      • Columns will now be sortable
      • "Facilitators" column will be available (and contain user profile photos)
        • Facilitators are the users who are calibrating the specific session
      • Custom filters will now be available 
        • These filters will correspond to the custom fields in the organization's user file and can be viewed by going to Admin → User Management → Users → Custom Fields 
  •  Updates:
    • Custom fields will be added to the Talent Record export - you can now add up to 50 custom fields to your user reports. For more information, see our Adding Dynamic Custom Fields article.
  •  Bug Fixes:
    • Calibration cycles will now process in Preview Environment


  • New:
    • Super Admins will now have the ability to rename custom fields from the organization's user file (replacing the default names of "custom_01", "custom_02", etc.) by going to Admin → User Management → Users → Custom Fields. They can also add up to 50 total custom fields to include in their user report.
      • Note: Custom field names will need to be added to the Custom Fields section prior to uploading a CSV with the names.
  • Updates:
    • Users can now be deactivated on a future date (rather than as soon as any value is detected in the "deactivation_date" field) 
  • Bug Fixes:
    • HRIS file processing will no longer be intermittently interrupted


  • Updates:
    • New Gmail extension now available with enhanced capabilities
    • Ability to search for any employee within the org and check their OKRs
    • View and update the progress of my OKRs and others.
    • View progress, cheer and nudge other OKRs.
    • Check aligned OKRs
    • Quickly access the direct reports and recently searched employee in the search page
    • Request feedback from multiple people
    • Give feedback to others
    • Easily access the feedback received.
    • Check when was the last time they received feedback or gave feedback.
    • Tag employees and add hashtags in the comments
    • For more information and how to install, see our Gmail Extension Overview & Setup article.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • All Enterprise users can now access Betterworks University via the "Get Training" link in Betterworks  

Preview Environment: Coming in (2) Weeks


  • Bug Fixes:
    • "Due Invalid date" no longer will be displayed under "Next Step" to Skip Level Manager user if manager only needs to answer confidential questions to complete conversation.
    • Due date of Confidential questions will be displayed to Skip Level Manager user
    • Update to tool tip text of visibility for conversations as Skip Level Manager users can have edit access to Confidential questions
    • Text updates to conversations for displays to Skip Level Manager → One level down and Ready to Share pop-up modal



  • New:
    • Talent Record Export Added to session menu
    • Flag custom fields in session view
    • Wrap Text for long custom field label in calibration filters
  • Updates: 
    • Help article available in Betterworks UI on cycle setting lock flag updated
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix Performance Snapshot mismatch
    • Remove custom field duplicates when applying a custom filter
    • Fix Talent Record Field Email 
    • Remove 'N/A' text from standard filters
    • Remove HR Administrator access to Calibration Cycle admin page 
    • Added Arrow Icon to Calibration
    • Cycle Selector stays on selected Cycle Date


  • New:
    • Categories will now be available to select at the Key Result level
      • Administrators now have the ability to offer category selection at the Key Result level (previously only available for Objectives)
      • If made available by Administrators, Categories can be selected during the creation/edit flow for Key Results
      • Key Result Categories will be viewable in the Details tab when viewing Key Results
      • Count Key Results with Categories in Objective Settings
      • Key Result Categories will be viewable in the All Objectives and Key Results report
      • Key Results with Categories will be viewable in the Objective list export
      • Key Result Categories will be available in the API
  • Update:
    • Notifications will go out to OKR and Super Administrators when OKR weighting is included
    • Notifications will be sent to administrators and Objective Owners when a business period is updated IF Objective Weights will be impacted

*All release updates are subject to change