Microsoft Azure DevOps Integration

What is Microsoft Azure DevOps?

Azure Devops is an end-to-end solution to implement application planning, development, delivery and operations. Betterworks offers an integration with organizations that use Azure DevOps. If you wish to track your Azure DevOps activity as key results, as an administrator with Super Admin permissions you can enable the integration for your organization's use.

This integration helps the customer who uses Azure DevOps for project or task management. This integration will help them to link the Azure DevOps work items with the key results they define. The progress of the work items from Azure DevOps will be synced with the key results in Betterworks. 

How do I set up the Microsoft Azure DevOps Integration?

To set up the integration, go to:

Admin → Platform Configuration → Third-part integrations → Azure Devops → Set Up



From there:

  1. Toggle on the option
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Click "Authenticate"
  4. Click "Save"


Connect the Integration to a Key Result

Once you have created an objective in Betterworks, the Azure DevOps integration will be available as an integration when creating or editing your key result:




Once these have been selected, click save and the integration will automatically be synced with the key result and progress that has been made:



  • Users can search for work items by selecting specific connections and project names. 
  • "Search for work items" also includes advanced search in the same search box. 
  • To explore on the advanced search, learn see this article from Microsoft.
  • The data sync happens automatically and when a work item is updated automatically the progress is updated in the Key Result. There is also a "force sync" option available when updating a Key Result, which will update the progress instantly. 
  • Users can see the list of all the work items linked to the key result and can also easily navigate by clicking on them. 


What is Connection Name? 

It is a unique name defined to identify the multiple connections during the addition of work items while linking them to a key result. 

Can we add multiple connections? 

Yes, multiple connections can be added with unique connection names so that they can be used during linking work items with key results.