Manager Insights Overview (v2)



Note: To enable this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team —

The Manager Insights tab enables a dashboard view for managers to get better insights into their team's performance and activity in Betterworks. Using Manager Insights v2, will help managers to easily motivate/guide and help their teams for a better performance at an individual level and as well as at a group/team level.

  • Dashboard: Our new manager insights dashboard includes 10 metrics. These metrics will allow managers to understand their team's behavior and understand the potential growth where they need to motivate the team members.
  • Drill down functionality: Managers can click on any card in the dashboard and drill down into more details which helps to understand the ground reality at an individual level
  • Take Actions: Managers can also take action (send an email) to a particular employee  from the drill-down page
  • Filters: There are filters at both the department and manager level


Any user with manager permissions in Betterworks will have access to view Manager Insights v2 (if enabled by the administrators). Top-level leaders are able to access this tab for both their direct reports and any users that fall in their hierarchy. 

Managers will only be able to see information on their immediate teams and cannot search for or view user information on users that sit within their reporting hierarchy. 

Admin Module Improvements

Once Manager Insights v2 has been enabled for your organization, administrators can determine the specific dashboard settings and benchmarks that will appear for users.

Administrators can update these dashboard settings by going to:

Admin → Program Management → Manager Insights v2 → Settings


Insights Module Improvements

Note: Ad blocker extensions in Google Chrome will prevent dashboards within the Insights module from displaying data. The resolution for this is to either disable the ad blocker while using Betterworks or whitelist in the ad blocker settings ( for organizations on our EU data center).

  • Overlay or side pop-up on the detail page
    • "Own at least [#] objectives"
    • "Own at least [#] key results"
    • "Own at least [#] aligned objectives"


  • Menu bar design moved from horizontal to vertical of detail page
    • This will help to accommodate more cards.
  • New field in the "manager" filter
    • This will allow the user to view the dashboard filtered by one or more selected manager's org.
  • New field in the "individual" filter
    • This will allow the user to choose an individual and understand all metrics for one or selected individuals.
  • A warning tooltip for each card on the dashboard
    • This will call out how many direct reports are not on track:


  • Help text in the detail page for "Employee's Org" and "Employee's Org Size"
    • This will help the user better understand these columns/fields.
  • "How does scope work?" help text pop-up on the dashboard
    • This will help the user to understand how to limit the scope by using various options from the drop-down menu.

Conversation Status (aka Effective Communication)

The completion status of a user's conversations (scheduled and anytime) are also available in Manager Insights. The benchmark for the dashboard can be set by going to:

Admin → Program Management → Manager Insights v2 → Settings


  • Dashboard view
    • Similar to other cards, you can view the overall completion status of conversations:


  • Detailed page view
    • Click "View" next to a user's name to see details pertaining to all of their conversations, specifically:


  • Overlay page view
    • This view displays both the status of the direct report and the manager
    • Depending upon the status and role, there are a few available actions (i.e. "View conversation", "Send email", etc.):


Note: The "send email" function opens your email client. These notifications do not go through the Betterworks platform.